A tablet application (Android) that allows salespeople and sales managers to have all the necessary information for sell , follow , manager , and optimize commercial actions.

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Security Application

Secure your messages and your contents in your mobile: AKARE encrypts all your exchanges.

ANONYMOUS: Each account is anonymous. AKARE does not ask you for your email or phone number. "YOU ARE NOT THE PRODUCT!"

ENTERPRISE: allows companies to have their space privatized and encrypted

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Interfaces with management systems

The AKARE CRM Solution interface tools are compatible with the main tools of the market (accounting, ERP, etc.).

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Since 2014, AKARE has been offering an innovative mobile security solution (CICRET APP available on ANDROID).

SECURING ALL YOUR EXCHANGES AND CONTENTS IN YOUR DEVICE: AKARE uses state-of-the-art encryption technology. All your exchanges are encrypted and the server never sees messages unencrypted or files. Only terminals access messages and contents in clear.


AKARE Page d'accueil 3.0.3-dev
All data is encrypted and a password limits access to the application.
AKARE Messagerie sécurisée 3.0.3-dev
List of messages contacts.
AKARE messagerie sécurisée 3.0.3-dev
Message exchanges. All messages are encrypted locally and when sent to the recipient. The server conveying the messages never sees the messages in the clear. The lifetime of messages is also definable
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage. Images, videos, sounds, notes and documents are only accessible in the secure area and are encrypted.
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage / Contacts. Examples of videos.
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage. Encrypted folder creation for document storage. Visible only from the application.
AKARE Stockage local 3.0.3-dev
Local storage. No depth limit in creating encrypted folders.
AKARE Contacts 3.0.3-dev
Contacts. List of contacts and information associated with contacts. These contacts are only accessible from the application and are encrypted

AKARE CRM Solution

AKARE has been offering innovative CRM solutions for more than 10 years.

With AKARE CRM Solution salespeople have the optimal tool for sales and sales growth.

All business services working on consolidation and business growth have real-time key information with the tools:

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AKARE CRM Solution Sales Tour 3.0.3-dev 
AKARE CRM Solution Synthe3.0.3-dev 
AKARE CRM Solution Statistic3.0.3-dev 
AKARE CRM Solution Payment incidents3.0.3-dev 
AKARE CRM Solution Daily Action Plan3.0.3-dev